Monday, April 27, 2009


After watching the movie Doubt in class today, I began thinking about the whole Catholic Church molestation scandals. A certain line in the movie struck me as being funny on the surface, but when I started to think about it it worried me a bit. Father Flynn was talking to the boys about girls and how to handle themselves around them. When a boy asks him what if every girl he asks to dance turns him down, Father Flynn replies "then you become a priest." This may make the boys laugh at the time but maybe Father Flynn really didn't mean it as a joke. Maybe these men are turning to religion because they can't find women to marry and, being human, they feel the need for companionship and they will take it any way they can find it. And even if the clergyman finds a woman that he could potentially date and marry, the church does not allow it. The molestation scandals could potentially be avoided if these clergymen were allowed to date and get married. Maybe the church could amend their rules to accommodate this new trend of lonely priests.


  1. I found the movie "Doubt" to be interesting. When I first heard Father Flynn giving the boys advice at lunch, I thought his response to one of the boys, asking what happens if you get turned down, was funny. But then after a while I started thinking about how it really is not funny when you think about it more in depth. It seems like there have been quite a few accounts of Catholic Church molestation scandals. With that being said it kind of molds with how our society has been with sexual predators. Also, with the latest thing that has been in the news 'sexting" where quite a few teens and adults have been put on the sex offender lists.

  2. I agree with what Asia has said about changing the rulesd for priest. There are too many pedophile in our society as it is and they should not be the people that are leading us in our faith. Priest need to be able to get married so that they won't have these sudden urges for little boy's. The part in Doubt when they were all sitting around the table talking about girls was strange. I felt awkward during this whole scene and am really not sure what the priest meant when he said "if you don't like girls then you become a priest". This shouldn't be true in the Catholic faith because they believe in marriage between a man and a woman. They are totally against gay marirage and therefore this priest should be attracted to women. I also found the ending disapointing. I wanted the priest to actually be caught and kicked out of priesthood. I think when the nun said she had "doubt" at the end of the movie it was not doubting that the priest was guilty. I think she doubts her faith or maybe her decision to be a nun since she was married before.